“The only limits in YArch are the ones you make”

YArch workshop invites all Young Architects from all over the world, to combine and exchange different ideas of contemporary architecture, in order to develop a network by and for Young Architects from different countries. The vision of the YArch platform is to share knowledge and especially experience, all around design and construction.


Share knowledge and especially experience, all around design and construction.


Publish your work, Create a powerful profile!


Meet different cultures, people by participating in our workshops all around the world.


Become a member of a worldwide design network!


YArch is an architectural two-week workshop based on a full time program during the summer period. The name YArch stands for Young Architects. YArch's aim is to visit a different city each year, with the ambition to study and propose architectural solutions according to the city itself. The workshop is open to architecture students, as well as students considering a career in architecture, and graduate architects. It can additionally offer a great approach to architecture for individuals who are interested in exploring an extended field of research. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for lovers of architecture to create social and professional links.

It presents a challenging framework consisting of design workshops, field trips and seminars, debates on theory and application of construction technics and details. YArch emphasizes the importance of gaining experience, with the intention of bringing together students of all over the world, to collaborate with each other and work on the same project. Additionally, it gives the opportunity to students to explore the world of working with real life structures, from small objects to bigger scale.

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With the completion of the workshops all attendees will be awarded a formal certificate verifying their successful participation. There are different procedures for each selection of the workshop’s roles in each team.

Yarch Representative (YAR)

YArch workshop is an enthusiastic opportunity for those interested to form a strong network within the YArch "environment". YARs' responsibilities are to promote the YArch workshop to their fellow students in their country as well as accept applications. Anyone interested to become a YAR can contact us in order to discuss more details. We welcome applications from a broad spectrum of disciplines, from people who wish to help with the organization of each workshop, and ultimately working together in order to support the future development of YArch community.

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YArch Participant (YAP)

Each individual who wishes to take part as YAP plays the most important role to complete the workshop's objectives. A YAP will have a unique and diverse chance to attend various activities that will challenge their future knowledge and offer them a great experience.

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YArch Tutor (YAT)

Do you want to Teach? Each year YArch community sets up a theme for those interested in becoming tutors in order to influence and be influenced by others within the YArch experience. All YATs are expected to respond to the brief and the workshop's overall theme. The goal of a tutoring team is to emphasise on cooperation between all participants. Each group of tutors consists from as little as one person to more. YATs are responsible for their group meetings and organization of time for the completion of the projects in the duration of two weeks. All tutors are expected to attend introduction day, meetings, and an interim and final presentation where they are expected to present their proposals to the workshop's YAPs. Anyone who wishes to be a tutor in the YArch workshop has the opportunity to submit their proposal idea to the organizational team before the suggested deadline. We accept applications from young architects as well as architecture students and we encourage them to also create combinations with people of different expertise. We look forward to your responses, which should be sent, to info@yarchworkshop.com

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YArch Volunteer (YAV)

Extra supporters of the event are those who wish to give a hand of help to the organizational team. There are several responsibilities for YAVs, which will be announced, closer to the date of the event so please keep in touch.

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YArch Actor (YACTOR)

Yarch presents a programme that is suggested for people who wish to introduce participants to their talents and work. YArch workshop organises a variety of one-day actions (YActions), in which participants could be taught a skill within the same framework of the workshop. YActors are self-assessed designers who wish to help and challenge participants to become familiar with their work. They have the opportunity to continually seek and stimulate their experiences with YAPs around them. Also, they could have the option to perform their work, in order to introduce it to YArch's attendees. YActors can form their performance space. Performances may be either spontaneous or otherwise carefully planned. YActions are self-organised events during some particular days within the workshop's period. Anyone who wishes to take part as a YActor, needs to assign a membership to the YArch community. Please contact us if you wish to share your talents.

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YArch considers sponsorship as a fundamental support for the successful creation of the organized events. It is a great opportunity for sponsors to promote their brand into the architectural world. It is also a good suggestion for sponsors who would like to invest their marketing on a network of young people not only in the architecture field but also people who attend YArch workshops and use its website for networking. Sponsors are the most significant contributors to hosting an event for YArch. For more queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Media Partners

YArch community is more than pleased to cooperate with media partners in order to cover all events and projects and give the chance for this new architectural vision to see and be seen all over the world.
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Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have or any other requests regarding YArch wokshop. We will be glad to help out.


YArch was founded in September of 2013 by Stefani Kefala and Kleopatra Papapetrou, two young architects, who are fueled by their commitment to cooperate with individuals all over the world, in order to “form the hub” of architectural knowledge.

"We honestly hope that this effort could bring a unique experience to Young Architects to push and trust their new potentials. YArch was created to captivate lovers of architecture in all of its many forms. As a community of young architects we are always open to hearing any opinion and interacting with others. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us at any time."

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